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Missouri Conservation

Missouri Conservation

We protect and manage Missouri’s fish, forests and wildlife; serve Missourians; and help you discover nature.

June 1 is National Trails Day, and thousands of kids and adults will celebrate America’s tangle of trails by taking a walk in the woods. | Xplor

Fungus-finding fun doesn’t end when morels vanish in May. | Xplor

If you find more berries than you can eat — we should all be so lucky — turn some of them into paint. | Xplor

When fish turn finicky, mix up some dough bait to coax them to bite. | Xplor

Summer's a great time to explore a shore, whether it's a pond, stream, or marsh. | Xplor

A wormery bin for breeding worms for your garden. Build a worm hotel and never again run out of fertilizer or fishing bait. | Xplor

Join a Stream Team to keep thriving streams clean and nurse sick ones back to health. | Xplor

These prolific breeders occur in many habitats, from farm ponds to large reservoirs and nearly any stream capable of supporting fish. Get out and catch a bluegill today! | Missouri Department of Conservation

I Released a Lunker Award: Catching and releasing big trout is no easy feat. Earn your very own Lunker Award by catching and releasing your very own big trout! | Missouri Department of Conservation

Boy Turtles are Cooler: Temperature affects the gender of snapping turtles. Females hatch from eggs that experience hotter weather. | Xplor

Grandpa Charlie teaches Eryn and Lauren how to catch a tasty fish with a funny name. | Xplor

Wild Job: Hatchery manager Bruce Drecktrah babysits baby paddlefish. | Xplor

What's the best way to celebrate Arbor Day? Plant a tree! | Xplor

Don't let worms stranded on a sidewalk go to waste. Salvage stranded worms. | Xplor

Want a good look at some fluttering phantoms of the night? Mix up some moth mash. | Xplor

April showers bring May flowers — just in time to make a card for Mother's Day. | Xplor

Cooking over a campfire is yummy, easy, and you don't even need a pan. | Xplor

House wrens are little birds with big voices. Here's how to coax a pair to nest in your yard. | Xplor

May 2013 - Volume 74, Issue 5: Tracking River Smallmouth | Missouri Department of Conservation

May 2013 - Volume 74, Issue 5: After the Storm: A Joplin Update | Missouri Department of Conservation

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First Hummingbird of the Year! | Fresh Afield Blog

May 2013 - Volume 74, Issue 5: Mounting Your Own Turkey Tail, Beard, and Spurs | Missouri Department of Conservation

April 2013 - Volume 74, Issue 4: Wounded Warrior Hunts | Missouri Department of Conservation