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Beautiful Pics of Ladies

The "fairer sex." The woman's rights movements can push for gender equality all they want, but the simple fact remains that women will always be more sensual than men. And by that, I mean the true definition of sensual - more pleasing to the senses. A softer touch, a more pleasing smell, more pleasing to the eyes, and a gentle soothing sound to their voices. This board highlights what I find to be, in my own opinion, beautiful pictures of ladies. Not sexual, but sensual.

Window by Dmitry Plekhanov / 500px

Katherine Porto in a photoshoot for Soho Magazine

Sexy and nerdy!

Very sexy.

They are all beautiful, regardless of their sizes. The media needs to stop convincing young ladies that they need to be a skinny rail to be pretty.


Princess 1 by markdaughn on deviantART