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Taxes are not *your* money. If people could give up the idea that it's THEIR money being pried out of their hands, rather than just another bill, there'd be a lot less whining. You want lights, you pay the electric company. You want a place to live, you pay the bank or landlord. You want food, you pay the grocery store. You want to live in a civilized society, you pay taxes. Get. Over. It. | True bomb. Taxes: the bill you pay to live in civilized society

  • Kris Griswold

    Rebecca and Janice: you do realize that the majority of those "lazy, non-working" people receiving your tax dollars are children, senior citizens and the disabled? Someday, if you live long enough, you are likely to be on the federal payroll too!

  • Magpye M

    Oh and veterans. Corporations and the wealthy are also huge recipients of government welfare. The DOD could also do with some serious trimming

  • Dianne Stahl

    you need to research the federal reserve....

  • Marie Flavin

    what a croc

  • Rosa de Vaux

    Common sense ..finally.Thankyou Magpie M for pinning this balanced view

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Support safe spaces.

  • Happy R.

    That's bs....from an Hispanic Italian both parents immigrated ...people need to stop creating division with posts like this

  • Jennifer Triptow

    Yeah Lizette, because privilege *doesn't* exist. Gotcha.

  • Heather H

    It's not these posts that create the division, these posts just bring attention to the division.

  • Debbie Harris

    sorry, but the world is always going to be divided, it all began in the Garden of Eden.

  • Mairéad Finnegan

    Was really getiing sick of those "real women are curvy" articles in EVERY magazine, I'm small and not the curviest, so that automatically meant I wasn't a women!

  • Mairéad Finnegan

    sorry a "real" woman

  • Madeline Harrell

    Love this! We don't have to put down other women to make ourselves feel beautiful. We're all beautiful! No comparisons necessary!

  • Mallory Stadtlander

    I believe if a women thinks she is beautiful then she is...small, big, short, tall it doesnt matter as long as she is happy with who she is!

  • MAnnBrown

    As long as you love yourself, the Light will shine True...

Louis C.K. nails it

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The final, brilliant word on passive voice. “She was killed [by zombies.]” <—- passive “Zombies killed [by zombies] her.” <—- active

30th Annual Banned Books Week | September 30th - October 6th, 2012       “Books and ideas are the most effective weapons against intolerance and ignorance.”                                                          - Lyndon B. Johnson

  • Magpye M

    @Patricia Long yep, each was banned at one point

  • Morgan States

    The outsiders can't be banned! Best book ever! Just got through reading it for my English class! Such a good moral!

  • Mary Moffett

    As always people are afraid of themselves and like to pretend we live in candy land. We don't like mirrors.

  • Robyn Dixon

    Read The Outsiders for the first years ago and many times since...

  • Chanel Barnett

    I have this exact same copy of the outsiders. Great book and a good movie too.

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In 1978, Nikki Giovanni, a decade-plus into her celebrated career as a poet and major figure in the black renaissance in American poetry, issued Cotton Candy On A Rainy Day. Critics called it depressing, but any girl who has read it knows it’s just the realest real talk. When I was 13, I found this book on my mom’s shelf. It was the first poem I’d ever read that I connected to and it made me realize poetry was and could be something beyond kiddie rhymes and white dudes who’d been dead 300 years

  • Colleen Goss

    I heard Nikki Giovanni speak about 15 years ago and I still remember what she said. She had a way of making you a something from a whole new angle. thanks for reminding me of her work. I think I will read some of her poetry again

  • Shannon Turner

    I've never read this before, thank you so much for pinning it!

  • Rebecca Jeffries

    I agree, this poem speaks to many of us...!

A Stinging Rebuke | VOTE!

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Archbishop Desmond Tutu (RSA) - talking the talk, but more importantly - putting action and deed to speech

Hood-Rat Shit, Desmond Tutu
  • Deleine Chavira

    @tania: couldn't have said it better myself. :)

  • Mark Magness

    Well religion is complete bollocks so I don't give a shit what a dusty old piece of fiction says.

  • Heather H

    I hope those hats aren't made out of a cotton poly blend!

  • Michelle Mercurio

    @ Mark -- you could at the very least chalk it up to theory due to the fact that those historic writings were derived from beliefs. The Illiad was a bedtime story. Proverbs was believed (and still is by 2.18 billion) to be truth.

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Obedience is our problem \\ Howard Zinn - fantastic human being and kick-ass human rights activist

I don't eat chicken sandwiches which hate people

  • Once This-Girl

    The irony of someone posting about free speech on this particular pin... Here goes: Free speech is a misnomer. Nothing, as most people will jump to tell you, is free. There is always a cost. The First Amendment extends the protection from government censorship or silence to the United States citizenry. It has nothing to do with regular, everyday folks. It doesn't mean that one citizen can't tell another to shut up. It doesn't mean that one citizen can't unplug the microphone on another in a private establishment. It means that the government can't stop you from expressing protected speech. A boycott is how consumers tell a business what they think of a particular act the business has taken. That's how conversations between companies and consumers work. The company spokesman speaks and the consumer responds by either spending or withholding his money. And free speech is had by all. You speak, someone responds, and a conversation takes place. Ta-da!

  • Once This-Girl

    It's not about religious freedom, either. The government cannot establish a law respecting religion, nor prohibit the free exercise thereof (except in cases where one's exercise of religion encroaches on another's right, like in the case of human sacrifice). YOU have every right to believe whatever you wish to believe and practice the religion of YOUR choice. I, on the other hand, have every right to believe whatever I want to believe and practice the religion of MY choice. There is no national religion because that would necessarily encroach on religious freedom of people who do not believe in that particular ideology. See? So the opposite must ALSO be true: Religion must not inform or influence government. You wouldn't want to be forced to follow a law that calls for the sacrifice of chickens a la Santeria if you were Lutheran, right? Why the heck would you try to ban same sex marriage based on religious reasoning when not everyone is a Christian or believes as you do?

  • trina jennings

    To start with just cause someone dosn't beleive the same things you do does not mean they hate you, Chick-fila did nothing wrong and from the looks of it most of America agrees, I stood in those long lines myself to support one of the best Christian companies around, and really Chick-Fila has been closed on Sundays since it started so what did you think their beleifs were? if you don't agree you don't have to go there, but Chick-Fila has always treatd people with respect and has never discriminated against anyone. I could do the same thing, say you are being hateful for not believing in traditional marriage cause that is what I belive in. Seems like the gays are the ones that are intolerate of anyone who dosn't think like them. Maybe we should all call for a boycott of Ben and Jerrys or maybe Jim Henson Co. for donating to gay rights activist, really come on people, we have the right to our own opinion without being told we are promoting hate speech. THIS GAL LOVES CHICK-FILA!!!!!!!!

  • Melissa Golabek

    This has nothing to do with free speech.... NOTHING. Hate whatever you want... say whatever you want... but when your money supports HATE GROUPS, thats the difference. Stop making it so simple in your simple heads.... People had no idea that buying a fatty chicken sandwich meant a portion of their dollar went to groups that HATE and want to prevent civil and basic human rights. NOT FREE SPEECH.

  • trina jennings

    well Melissa-YES it has everything to do with free speech, he has the right to say what he wishes in his own interveiw about his own beleifs, just cause he dosn't beleive what you do does not make him a hater, I think if you remember correctly most of America beleives the way he does, they came out and supported Chick-Fila in a big way. And I think he can donate his own money to whom ever he wants and if you don't like it then don't eat there, I am sure they will do just fine without you. Maybe you should open your simple little mind and realize not everyone has to agree with you but that does not make them a hater.

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Be advised...

  • Ronald Lindeboom

    Thank you for taking the time to express your thoughts, Margaret. They are appreciated. Even though I may not agree with all of them, they are well considered and I appreciate your willingness to interact. Have a great week.

  • Gardens Butterfly

    AMEN!! May be free to say what you want but there are consequences to saying absolutely stupid crap!

  • Katy Perry

    Simple truth...

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Alcohol, friends, gummies, chocolate, high heels and really fucking filthy language - Not ever sorry

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