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American Girl Hair Styles

Living A Doll's Life : Addy's BEFOREVER Meet Hairstyle (Requested Tutoria...

Doll Hairstyle: Disney Inspired Elsa Coronation Bun!

Side Swept Twists diy American Girl doll hairstyle tutorial

Side Swept Twists: A Hairstyle Tutorial

DW Blog Post-- Marie-Grace Part Four: Straightening Her Hair

The Doll Wardrobe: Marie-Grace Part Four: Straightening Her Hair

American Girl 18" Doll wraparound braid hairstyle. Cute web site for hairstyle ideas.

Lots of adorable American Girl 18" Doll hairstyles. Some easy hair clip styles for short and long hair.

American girl doll hair ideas.

“how can I tame the frizzies in my doll’s hair?” A pretty common technique is to give your doll a “Downy Dunk” – where you wash your dolls’ hair, then soak it for an extended time in Downy fabric softener. Experienced doll collector gave me the basic tip – put two tablespoons of liquid Downy fabric softener in a spray bottle of water and just spritz your doll’s hair with the softener solution any time you need to give her a touch up.

Basically you will need a spray bottle, liquid fabric softener, water, and a wire brush or wide tooth comb. Fill a spray bottle with 2 table...

Simply Clean Living: Doll Hair Detangler - Updated with recipe!

How to tame or fix messy American Girl Dolls curly hair

How to tame or fix messy American Girl Dolls curly hair

"How to wash, condition, and steam American Girl dolls' hair." My poor doll has sat on the shelf for years without any care... dusty hair is gross.

Great stylist... Never seen such well-done tight curls on AG! American Girl Doll Hair How-to Pin Curls