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Maya Winnike

Maya Winnike

Don't leave everything upon destiny, because life is a matter of choice, destiny is just an option.

DIY Screenprint instructions. I'm definitely making some TA spiritwear with this one!

  • Amy Jo Johnson

    Tips: Make sure you leave a nice, thick coat of paint on the screen before you take it off. Otherwise, it'll be very light. You can use a hair dryer to speed drying on the Mod Podge and the paint. I recommend using a sturdier fabric than panty hose. The hose tends to wiggle and stretch, which can make the edges of your design less precise. I got some sheer fabric on my 2nd try, and it worked great. All in all, it's a great project!

adorable sparkly shoes!

DIY Sailor's Knot (Monkey Fist) Doorstop & Paperweight. Found on Design Sponge.

Who are we to JUDGE eachother??

  • i am me

    yep. before you judge, make sure youre perfect.

  • Haedyn West

    Totally agree!!:)

  • Alicyn Smith

    I can choose what I want in my life, if your choices are against my morals and beliefs, I can judge all I want. You can do the same.

  • Mrs. H

    Try telling that to a cop. If you do the crime you do the time. Doesn't matter the excuse. Authority has the right to judge. Poor reasoning leads to poor choices, which is poor judgment. In the end, it's you that chooses. Justifying is you judging yourself. Why can't others who have made wise judgments make judgments of you? "A righteous man judgeth all things." Some of the most judgmental people are those who claim they don't want people to judge them.

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Call Me Maybe

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Vintage Toys

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Baked vegetable egg rolls - I've been looking for a spring roll recipe to try, this might be it!!

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