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Scooter the Skelly Outdoor Halloween Decor by stacybakri on Etsy

Cup ghost windsock! Super easy! Cup + crepe paper+pens+string. Easy and the kids will go nuts twirling them about.

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  • Debbie Larnerd

    This would be cute to do green cups and make them Frankensteins, you could do all kinds of different characters,

Haunted Dolls House / free templates for cardboard or plywood & tips for making spooky peg dolls

What’s New on Mr P : DIY Haunted Dolls House

DIY: Cats string lights - easy and fun crafts for kids

black cats & friendly ghosts : CAKIES

Create an Adorable Owl Decoration with Natural Elements

Create an Owl Craft from Fall Leaves and Acorns : HGTV Gardens

Spider Sack Decor

DIY Halloween Spider Sack Decor with the Kids-We Like Craft

Night Creatures Craft and Booklist: This would be great with a nonfiction writing piece

Nocturnal Storytime : Sturdy for Common Things

Tissue Ghosts - a fun and easy Halloween craft from

{ Simple Tissue Ghosts }

Halloween Ghost Craft from My Nearest and Dearest. Toddler and Preschooler Friendly. Uses egg cartons and crafting scraps/leftovers.

Mummy dogs! Great halloween dinner :)

Oreo-Chocolate Brownie - The Dessert Lover

Make ghosts and monsters with nature bits.

Hung from the ceiling, these friendly paper ghosts will swirl, sway, and spook all night long. 1. Draw a ghost shape on a sheet of white poster board, and cut it out. 2. Cut eyes and a mouth from black construction paper and attach them with glue. 3. To hang the ghost, poke a small hole in the top, thread a string through it, and knot it.

Halloween Party Decorations, Crafts, and Treats

cotton ball ghosties - easy halloween craft for toddlers. Some great sensory and fine motor stuff going on here.

cotton-ball ghosties - happy hooligans - an easy halloween craft

Paper Plate Ghosts Halloween DIY - Fun Holiday Crafts

Paper Plate Ghosts Halloween DIY - Fun Holiday Crafts

Use sticks, leafs, acorns and other natural materials to make different kinds of art. *DOES NOT NEED TO BE A FACE- Keep it open ended*

Free Leaf Activities

Make it easy crafts: Little acorn ghosts

Acorn friends. My grandfather would create tea sets made from acorns for me while we sat in the side yard during the season when they were falling from the trees.

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  • Simone Hadley

    Wow! I love these, we are off for a walk right now to collect the acorns, my 3 year old is excited! Thanks for the idea!