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Shits cray

Shit I think is cray.

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Shits cray

  • 109 Pins

Are you itching to get a new piercing? We can scratch that itch for you, come in on this lovely Saturday and get some work done! basic piercings for $25 !!!!

Two Faced skull. This looks fully adult with adult dentition. That meant this person survived, possibly past 18 years of age.

Tips for Raising Smart Kids

Mind Blown

one thousand ice sculptures were placed on the steps of Berlin's concert hall to signify the melting Arctic ice. incredibly creative.

The Crooked House ~ Sopot, Poland

Amazing contrast created by tornado


My mind is blown. Read the pic description and look closely.

Wow! Is this proof or what that organic is the way to go? Amazing stuff from a child's experiment!

1945 - F.D. Roosevelt had died. Ed Clark drove to cover the news but found swarms of photographers trying to get the best view of FDR's coffin. Clark heard one of Roosevelt's favorite hymns Goin'Home being played on an accordion. He snapped a shot of Navy bandsman Gordon Jackson with tears streaming down his face as he played. No one else had seen what Clark had seen, and his dramatic photograph became the symbol of a nation in grief. This photo took up an entire page in the next issue of LIFE.

Solid argument


Realistic drawings look like photographs: "To an untrained eye these pictures would look nothing more than standard photographs but it's not all black and white - they are in fact hand drawn. These are the works of 47-year-old hyperrealist artist Paul Cadden, who, often just using a pencil, is able to recreate photos in amazing detail."

Places all over the world that look so unrealistic.

Illustrated guide to edible flowers - | The Micro Gardener

Solar panel..enough to heat a garage.....this site tells you how to do it with soda cans. Crazy! My husband will love this!!

Acrylic Paintings by Jason Edmiston

ghost scarecrow, scarrrrrrrrrry!

Historic photographs from around the world…

handwriting grips

i'm so amazed at the intricate detail in this piece. i wish i was this advanced :D

Most Beautiful Abandoned Places In The World…

Rethink your drink