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I'm Not Right In The Head

I tried my best to see things from your point of view, but your point of view is stupid.

Please hold for someone who speaks fucktard...

oh the people you must deal with in know who im talking about =) @Jazz Kaur @Maggie Sarlo

we need this on the front window in the office...and posted throughout the office lol @Amanda Snelson Lynn

21 Amazing Quotes From The Amazing Book, “Bitch Are You Retarded?” | Thought Catalog

Ohhhh man. I hope today is not one of those days :)

i wish i had more follwers HEY i well take a pic of my gecko

Just when you think there are too many fucktards here already, a shipment of new ones show up.

The village is missing some of their idiots, you need to check in!

You're a fucktard

This makes me laugh harder than it should.

Wishing you a very Fucktard Free Friday!!!

Congratulations on elevating fucktarded-ness to an art form.

Adults that still live with Mom and Dad fall under this category.

The bitchy housewife meme's. More on the blog... (simply style by aldo)

Learn to read children so when you post on Pinterest you know the category you are in and people won't think you are a fucktard.