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Healthy Smoothies

☛ Do YOU suffer from #constipation? You can solve this condition by Including dietary fiber in your diet. FOR ALL THE DETAILS: ✒ Share | Like | Re-pin | Comment #StepIntoMyGreenWorld #STEPin2 #Health

☛ A Gut smoothie for YOU. GET READY & ARM yourself before the flu and cold season. Do you know that a healthy gut is key to a STRONG immune system? About 80 percent of our immune system is in your digestive system. FOR ALL THE DETAILS: www.stepintomygre... ✒ Share | Like | Re-pin | Comment

☛ A POTENT ovarian health drink for you ladies. Did you know? The American Cancer Society estimates that about 22,240 women will receive a new diagnosis of ovarian cancer. About 14,230 women will die from ovarian cancer.Ovarian cancer is the ninth most common cancer among women, excluding non-melanoma skin cancers. FOR ALL THE OVARIAN DRINK DETAILS: www.stepintomygre... ✒ Share | Like | Re-pin | Comment

Ovarian health drink

☛ An anti-inflammatory celery smoothie to help you detox and fight inflammation. ✒ Share | Like | Re-pin | Comment

Inflammation reliever celery and bok choy smoothie

☛ This smoothie is packed with Antioxidants, and it means cancer-prevention. Try making 3 to 4 times a week. ✒ Share | Like | Re-pin | Comment

Cancer-preventing broccoli smoothie recipe

☛ AN IMMUNE BOOSTER SMOOTHIE PACKED WITH ANTIOXIDANTS, TO KEEP YOU HEALTHY THROUGH THE HOLIDAY SEASON. Blackberry and banana smoothie: ❥ Blackberries have a dark color due to the Anthocyanin which are powerful Antioxidants. Blackberries are great for urinary tract health and are anti-aging. Blackeberries contain Phytochemical which protect cells and fight disease. ✒ Share | Like | Re-pin | Comment

☛ An instant energy booster smoothie to get you through the holiday season: Try to make this 2 to 3 times a week for breakfast or during the day. ❥ Body healer: The greens are power-packed with Antioxidants that help heal your body ❥ Weight loss aid: You will feel full fast ❥ Aids against constipation as it is high in fiber content ❥ Stomach healer: Helps heal GI tract lining ❥ Immune system booster

Weight reducer smoothie