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I'm posting this for the sole benefit of Elisa A G, who apparently follows boards she disagrees with to pin onto a board titled "pins I'm ashamed of." hey grow up. I don't like your boards, and your logic is entirely flawed, but I don't feel the need to devote an entire board to it. It's a violation of my privacy and in some cases, a misuse of copyright of pins I personally created. So, unfollow me and do not repin my pins!

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It's art. It's beautiful and it has a place here. It is not vulgar or obscene. Some of us are adults who can understand and view sexually implicit (not explicit) images for what they are. It is a wonderful part of life that inspires most women. There is a reason it is so strongly represented in art, culture, and music. It's how you got here! Don't hate. Create. Love. Appreciate. Understand. Enjoy. And supervise your children.