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Life Changing Books

Authors include Elizabeth Waterbury, Ivee Jo Roach, Lula Doss, April Jones, Bobbi Qualls, Dorris Conner, Linda Rose Mongell, Jacqueline Westmoreland, Andrea Williams, Kescia Gray, Katherine Pape, Robin West Smith, Veronica Taylor Mosley, Paige Cummins, Joan Florian, Charlotte Randolph, Shannon Bryant, Nancy Ryan, Nerlie Pierre Clark, Melba Furlow Harrington, Dr. Karen Wasserman, Eunice Currie, Grace Rogers and Ann Wright.

Contributing Authors: Bonnie Basara, Mary Paul, Leah Logan, Tanisha Parker, Lillian Harding, Barbara DeNatale, Kyla O'Connell, Margie McMoore, Bianca Spiak, Dr. Darlene Silvernail, Yolanda Black, Cynthia Riley-Shelton, Dr. JoAnne White, Shontina Gladney, Kelly Morgan, Linda Rose Mongell, Tiffany Bivins, Dr. Doreatha J. Fields, Dr. Ann Williamson, Riki Lovejoy, Gloria Gardner, Patricia Villa Avila, Adrienne Hunt, Irene Williams, Paige Cummins, Marjorie Anderson, Michele Wilke, Lita Abele

Even Eagles need a Push!

Chazown: Define Your Vision, Pursue Your Passion, Live Your Life on Purpose - By: Craig Groeschel