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Area and perimeter with Cheez-Its!

Day In the Classroom - Foldables and Anchor Charts for Geometry

Fun edible way to teach landforms!! SS1G3 The student will locate major topographical features of the earth’s surface. c. Identify and describe landforms (mountains, deserts, vall eys, plains, plateaus, and coasts)

La blogger norvegese Ida Skivenes ha trasformato delle semplici fette di pane in vere e proprie tele su cui ricreare opere d'arte famose. Il progetto - The art toast project - è stato pubblicato su Instagram. Da Frida Kahlo a Monet, da Rotko a Dalì, da Matisse a Picasso: in 20 cm Id

Ways to Play and Learn with Water Indoors -- number 9 is my favorite. Keeps the kids busy for a long time!!

Learn about rocks with food? Oh yea! I'm all over this one!!

Do you ever let your kids play with thier food? What about LEARN with it?! -- Sorting Shapes with Food [From the Mamas] - #kids #preschool #funfood

Earth Structural Layer Cake | Cakecrumbs {Great fun to teach the layers of the earth!}

Pretzels and Gumdrops 3D Geometry Shapes Snack Fun! We had so much fun with this today! I found this idea on Pinterest, but I'm not sure who to credit it to. Let me know if it's you!

Summer project: recipe from all the world

Memorial Day Craft: Make Your Own (Edible) American Flag from Creative Kid Snacks

7 Simple #Crafts for #Kids: Edible Plant Cell Jello, Butterfly Feeder, Firefly Jar, Kissy Coaster, Nature wreaths.