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Examining Lifebelts on Titanic, A photograph of a board of trade inspector examining lifebelts on Titanic at Southampton. Titanic was built by Harland & Wolff in Belfast Ireland during 1910 - 1911 and later sank on April 15th, 1912 after striking an iceberg off the coast of New Foundland during her maiden voyage from Southampton, England to New York, USA, with the loss of 1,522 passengers and crew. (Photo by Universal Images Group/Getty Images)

Margaret Bechstein Hays was a young woman traveling with friends, and her Pomeranian, when the Titanic sank. She was one of the first on a life boat when evacuations began. Margaret carefully tucked her little dog in her coat, and both survived. Margaret is best known for caring for the Titanic orphans. They were little boys that had lost their father in the sinking. He had taken them, without permission, out of the country. The boys were later returned to their mother in England.

A chandelier aboard Titanic, two and a half miles below the Atlantic.

This is the only car that is "known for certain" to have been on the Titanic. It was listed on the cargo manifest and also a $5000 claim made with an insurance company.

Miss Helen Loraine Allison, 2, was born June 5, 1909. She was travelling with her father Hudson Allison, her mother Bess and brother Trevor. Loraine Allison was the only child in first and second class to die (53 of 76 children in third-class perished). Her body was never found. Trevor was the only family member to survive.

A letter to Hartley from his mother was also found on his body when he was pulled from the sea.

Jock Hume was a band-member, who died on Titanic. Mary Costin was his pregnant fiancee, who was left to bring up their child alone and unmarried in Edwardian Scotland. The book telling their story, 'And the Band Played On', has had me captivated until it was read!

This is the only picture taken of the Titanic’s radio room. Perhaps one should say pictures as this is a double exposure and was destined for the bin until hastily recovered. In it we see Harold Bride at work in what was the most advanced radio room in the world. Father Frank Browne photo.

titanic postcard

When the Titanic hit,Molly Brown took $500 cash, as many clothes as she could wear and an Egyptian talisman she had recently purchased for good luck.She boarded lifeboat number 6. She took turns rowing the lifeboat with the other passengers and argued to return to the site and pick up more passengers.When she returned to the US, a reporter asked why she didn’t go down with the Titanic and she responded, “because I’m a Brown, we’re unsinkable.”

Carried ashore in New York with feet crushed and frostbitten Mr Harold Bride, second wireless operator of the Titanic, leaving the RMS Carpathia. (Topham/Topham Picturepoint/PA Images)

A photograph of Frederick and Augusta Goodwin and their children, all of whom perished when the Titanic went down in April, 1912.

Bracelet Recovered from Titanic The crew of the Mackay Bennett recovered a travel trunk from the Titanic's floating debris. In time the trunk found its way the the home of a New Brunswick minister. As oral history relates, this minister knew one of the clergy men on board the Mackay Bennett who was saying prayers over the recovered Titanic victims.

First Class Passenger list

Titanic's last Lunch menu from April 14 1912 (Sold March 2012 for £ 76,000 (about $ 120,000.)

Who missed the TITANIC? Guglielmo Marconi: The Italian inventor, wireless telegraphy pioneer and winner of the 1909 Nobel Prize in Physics was offered free passage on Titanic but had taken the Lusitania three days earlier. As his daughter Degna later explained, he had paperwork to do and preferred the public stenographer aboard that vessel.

Captain Smith who became synonomous with the sinking of the Titanic in 1912.

R. Norris Williams - survived the sinking of the Titanic but was told to have his legs amputated due to severe frostbite. Refused the doctor's advise and two years later, in 1914, won the men's singles title in the U.S. Championships.

second class staircase

Oscar Scott Woody’s wife, Leila, received this notification card officially informing her that her husband’s body had been recovered at sea. The card also outlined how she could obtain his personal effects.

Coffins For Titanic Recovered Bodies Are Seen in Halifax

A Body Being Recovered From Titanic's Sea

Purse from the Titanic