Blogshelf II -- my new RSS reader. You can read more here:

Blogshelf II on the App Store on iTunes

Triple Town -- I love this app. Put items together into groups of 3 -- which then can merge into bigger groups of 3's. Problem solving but lots of fun too!

KID'S JOURNAL -- will use for Spring project 2013

Phase 10 - easily adaptable into classroom math

BAG IT! Another fun problem solving app. Trickier than you think

NATIONAL PARKS: Beautiful pictures and quick, easy, helpful information

CARGO-BOT: As you play the game, you are learning programming skills. Fun, tricky, problem solving!!

WORD RING: Another word game -- with a fun twist.

CUT THE ROPE: Another example of a problem solving app -- that makes you smile.

CALCULATOR: Gotta have one!

MOOZART: I LOVE this app! Adding animals noises to favorite songs just makes me smile. Try Old MacDonald WILL hook you!!

INSPIRATION MAPS: Easy to use mapping tool for classroom and teacher use. There is a lite version available as well.

Inspiration Maps VPP

FRISBEE FOREVER. Silly that I can tilt the pad to play the game. Problem solving but also just fun!

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