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Talent Management

There are two essential ingredients to adaptability. The ability of employers to look differently at sources of talent - investigating new geographies and sectors as well as investing in existing employees, equipping them with the necessary skills and motivating them to adapt to meet new challenges. Secondly of course this requires willing individuals who are prepared to embrace change and apply their skills somewhere new.

The generational gap in employee financial health is growing. While last year’s survey showed that Gen X carried the heaviest financial burden, the 2014 results find that Gen X employees, along with Baby Boomers, appear to be recovering faster than Millenials (Gen Y). Employees benefitting most from the market gains are those who have savings and equity in their homes rather than those who are more reliant on their current incomes.

How an international assignment at PwC can change your career -- both abroad and when you return to the US firm. PwC's Tina Pantaleo traveled to Amsterdam, Korea and Hong Kong as part of an extended four-year assignment. Now back in Boston, Tina reflects on the personal and professional enrichment her global mobility at PwC has brought her.

The business world is in the midst of fundamental change and in the next decade the ability of organisations to manage their global talent efficiently will mark the difference between success and failure. Talent management will become a key strategic tool, which places great responsibility on the shoulders of HR. Is HR up to the challenge?