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Raw Vegan Before & Afters

These before and afters just show the outward changes... But from personal experience I can tell you that much more changes than how you look. You feel entirely different. My own before and after photo includes some text about how I felt before and how I feel now.

Read Josh Tiska's story here: He lost over 100 pounds going raw. He specifically used the 80-10-10 raw diet which is just one of many healthy healing raw diets.

Rosacea, large pores, wrinkles, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, ALL GONE!

Sheleana went 100% raw and lost 45 pounds. You can read her story here: www.youngandraw.c...

A frutarian diet is a raw vegan diet where most of the calories come from fruit, and some from vegetables with no seeds, nuts or grains.

Brenda Cobb overcame the early stages of breast and cervical cancer without the use of drugs or surgery with raw food. She got rid her allergies, acid reflux, indigestion, arthritis, obesity, liver spots, and gray hair. Her eyesight even improved! www.livingfoodsin...

Chris's Raw Food Transformation | Weight: 363lbs to 196 lbs | Cholesterol: 324 to 97 US | Blood Pressure: 184/50 to 120/80

Lucy's transition to raw foods at the age of 52. She lost 45lbs and got rid of her daily migraines. She also says, "AND my thyroid is now functioning properly and I am totally off all medication for that."

We Like It Raw - Raw Food Goodness: Before & After

Jo Thomas says "I started having green smoothies and more salads than ever... I am calmer and more peaceful. I have a stronger connection to nature. I love life, I love myself and I love my body. This is a revelation. I am so happy I discovered raw... now I want you to join me."

We Like It Raw - Raw Food Goodness: Before & After
  • maggie Sandoval

    Whats the best way to start i want to become a raw vegan i want to make it my lifestyle

"Look at us just a year ago – overweight, grumpy and tired." Their story here:

My Raw Food Transformation (Before & After)

Jennifer Cooked (Before) & Jennifer Raw (After)

Jennifer Cooked (Before) & Jennifer Raw (After)

Joseph Hill -- before and after photos. Raw Vegan. What a huge difference! His "thank you" is directed at Markus Rothkranz.

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Eric Rothwarf, before and after the raw food lifestyle