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More like this: beard hat, chess and tiger cubs.

damn those kung fu midgets...

giraffes are heartless creatures...

I think they mean bananas...

Lemons, perfect for orange juice? o.O

Wow... o.O Because having ham for Chanukah happens all the time! What was this person thinking?!

Lord, isn't this true...

People of Wal-Mart!

Admit it, "aunt" wasn't your first guess. Those last 2 clues are horrible! Hubby and I were laughing so hard at it!

"Grammar & Spelling: Those who need this most will probably never read it."

@Danielle Barron Potter, you should dress Monkey up like this!

I seriously do think that when ever I see a picture of my ex!

I love this and couldn't agree more!

I just want to kiss his little face off!

Good Lord, yes!

Ha! Although my hubby will be the first to point out that he's not a nerd, he's a geek, and that there's a big difference between the two!

Burning the candle at both ends...L I T E R A L L Y

Sorry, I must disagree! Picard is way better then Kirk!