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The Waterview: Monroe, CT: Alba & Gary {Wedding}

As far as wedding days go, the most hectic part is almost always the morning. It's filled with nervous excitement, hair and make-up accessories are strewn around the room, flowers are delivered, dresses are steamed and details are checked one final time. Bridesmaids are usually bustling to and fro, making sure the bride has everything she needs while they are also trying to pack their own things up and get ready for the long day ahead. In the midst of the morning commotion on her wedding day, Alba was like the calm in the center of the storm. Nothing could frazzle her. She knew all the details would fall into place and soon enough the moment she had been dreaming about since the moment she picked out her dress would finally arrive: the first time Gary would see her in it. WIth that in mind, nothing else really seemed to be worth stressing about that morning. Because as soon as she's in his arms, it's as though the whole world slips away. You can see it on her face, the calm washing over her as soon as she's next to him. It carried over into that morning even though they weren't in the same place, just knowing that soon she would be waking up every following day as his wife was enough to make her have a constant serene smile on her face all morning long. Gary, on the other hand, was a ball of excitement. He could barely contain his smile and his enthusiasm all morning long. If he could have, he probably would have stood at the front of the church steps shouting at the tops of his lungs just how lucky he felt to be marrying Alba that day. Because he's completely crazy about her. It's obvious. As obvious as the huge grin on his face when he sees her, as the amount of energy he has when he's around her - like he could literarily climb into the sky and pull down every single star if she asked him too. And that morning, knowing that she was finally about to become his wife - it was enough to make him feel like he could take on the world. And looking at him, you couldn't deny that he was a man quite utterly and completely in love.