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old ladies swimming | ... NL-386709: A card with 3 funny old ladies in swimming suits, haha

I love this. She's playing Hopscotch and her friends are cheering her on! TOO cute!

Old lady diving, Brighton 1960

Music never dies, so why should it leave our lives as we get older? Encourage your loved ones to still play the instruments they loved, buy the music they always danced to, and to see the bands (or cover bands) that will make them light up.

This might look odd, but you would be surprised if you have an open heart, you can relate to more than you might think. And older people are can be very wise and can actually have cool stories that rock..

.exercice, exercice, et encore exercice!!! AHHHHH-LEAN

I so love this picture, look at how happy she is--a freaking great grandma jumping roping better than I can