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Hunting & Fishing

I hunt and fish a lot. I hunt with rifle and shotgun, and this year, bow. I've always fished. I'm learning to fly fish. #hunting #fishing

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Stew is a great way to start cooking wild game, especially bear meat. You won't dry out the meat even if you over cook.

Bear Stew Recipe - Cooking Wild Game

Bear stew recipe. What do you do with all that meat after you shoot your bear?

Robin's Outdoors

SALE through Nov 1, '14 The Limb Grip isn't just for hunters. You can use it to lift your pack, camera and other gear into a tree stand or observation platform. It's not just for bows and rifles. I'll be writing a review soon but for now, know that I LOVE this piece of outdoors gear

The Limb Grip on Sale

I was hoping for "something with antlers" when I sighed at the empty game camera two days. This isn't what I meant but I'm happy to see him here.

Bull Moose - Hanging Out Behind My House

Men Are Created Equal, Except Hunter | Teespring

Men Are Created Equal, Except Hunter

Pulling the trigger has never been so smooth. My Browning .308 BAR has no kick. The trigger doesn't pull lightly. I have to squeeze firmly and consistently. When I'm target practicing I have too much time to think about it. It hasn't been natural yet when practicing and I sometimes pull just enough to be one inch low and one inch to the right of bullseye. Smooth this time. "Okay. Shoot now."

Bear Hunt Diary: I Pull the Trigger

(Sows and their cubs are not hunted.) They look good. Some of their “chub” is their winter coats but in general, they look like healthy, well fed cubs. They aren’t very hungry.

Chubby Cubs | Robin's Outdoors

Do you hunt geese? A lot of work goes into how they get their bling (bands). I spent a morning banding geese at Moosehorn National Wildlife Refuge. Taylor Follette identifies the sex of a Canada goose.

Putting it All on the Line | Bass Utopia Bass Utopia contributor Josh Douglas walks readers through various fishing lines as well as when and why to use them. #fishing #bassfishing #fishinggear

Bass Utopia: Putting it All on the Line

Knowing what the fish are eating helps you be a better angler. I checked this smallmouth bass out up close and personal.

Fishin’ Large on PocomoonshineRobin's Outdoors | Robin's Outdoors

Makes fishing possible. Gear Review: Mosquitno Wrist Bands and Spots.

Gear Review: Mosquitno Wrist Bands and Spots

Some of my happiest days, even when I catch nothing but rocks, are spent on the water because Dad taught me to fish. Thanks Dad! I love you ...

Because Dad Taught Me to Fish | Robin's Outdoors

tore my heart out

A Kill of Opportunity by Sandy Olson

Smallmouth bass caught on a Heddon Baby Bass Torpedo

Bass Fishing: Lures & Tip | Robin's Outdoors