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Best Brunch Ideas by Rock Recipes

Old Fashioned Oatcakes...sort of. There's plenty of wholesome oat flavor in these easy to make oatcakes that are great for breakfast, coffee breaks or as a delicious addition to packed lunches.

Old Fashioned Oatcakes…sort of.

This easy to make rich honey cake is wonderful all on it's own but dress it up with some quickly sauteed rum and butter bananas to take it to a whole other luscious level.

Honey Cake with Rum & Butter Bananas

Cheddar and Chive Buttermilk Biscuits - wonderful to serve with chili or beef stew or for sausage breakfast sandwiches. Equally good with a favorite BBQ meal.

Cheddar and Chive Buttermilk Biscuits - Rock Recipes

Sweet Potato Cake -This sweet potato cake is a lunchbox favorite and close cousin to gingerbread. Another very easy way to use up leftover baked or steamed sweet potatoes.

Sweet Potato Cake - Rock Recipes

Cherry Coconut Scones - these scones are a light and delicious brunch idea with a wonderful combination of dried cherries and coconut baked right in. Scrumptious!

Cherry Coconut Scones

Strawberry Muffles - Muffles are waffles made from muffin batter. This strawberry version is delicious but it will work with other berries or chopped stone fruits as well.

Strawberry Muffles

Blueberry Buckle - an old fashioned dessert favorite. Substitute practically any ripe fruit during the season and enjoy different versions all summer long.

Cherry Muffins with Graham Crumb Streusel - Beautifully light vanilla and almond flavored muffins with ripe cherries at the center and a topping of crispy, buttery graham cracker crumb streusel. Delicious, impressive, and probably much easier than you think to prepare.

Hot Cross Molasses Raisin Tea Buns - here's one for the dough-phobic; a shortcut, molasses and raisin, tea biscuit version of this Easter favorite with an alternative suggestion if you are not fond of molasses.

Cinnamon Roll Couronne - Wouldn't this make a gorgeous centerpiece for your Easter breakfast table? This "crown" loaf makes a very beautiful presentation of what is essentially just a log of cinnamon roll dough cut down the middle and simply twisted to create the stunning pattern; a delicious and impressive addition to any weekend brunch.

Proper English Scones - an authentic version of an English Scones recipe using North American measurements instead of weight measures.

Apple Cinnamon Sticky Buns - the lightest fluffiest cinnamon rolls ever...and what goes better with cinnamon than apples? It's a deliciously different cinnamon roll that totally makes sense.

Bumbleberry Port Jam - a simple, easy to make, pectin free recipe to use mixed berries you may have leftover. The port adds an elegant touch and rich flavor to the jam.

Rock Recipes Best Pancakes - on Pancake Day I'm sharing 9 of our family's favorite pancake versions from basic buttermilk to blueberry lemon cornmeal and pina colada and more. One is sure to make your annual celebration just a little more tasty.

Cherry Bread - A delicious traditional Holiday treat, either fresh from the oven, toasted for Christmas morning, or in a delicious bread pudding.

Baking this weekend? Nothing is more welcome or satisfying than homemade bread with a slow cooked weekend comfort food meal like baked beans or a hearty beef chili. Seeing it risen above the pans like this, ready for the oven, gives a real sense of satisfaction and anticipation. There's nothing better. (More pics with the recipe.)

The Best Homemade White Bread - is anything more soul satisfying than warm, crusty, homemade bread fresh from the oven? Come see how I've been turning out perfect loaves for 35 years.

Perfect Yorkshire Pudding Popovers - learn all the secrets to making the lightest, airiest, crispiest, butteriest, most delicious popovers ever; not only an absolute must-have side dish for all roast beef dinners but a great brunch addition too served with fresh seasonal jams or jellies.

Pumpkin Spice Muffins with Maple Cream Cheese - incredibly moist and fragrantly spicy Fall season muffins, made even better with maple infused cream cheese spread. Apologies for the pin earlier with no link. Pinterest seems to have tech issues today.

Crab Cakes Eggs Benedict - Maryland meets Newfoundland in this indulgent version of Eggs Benedict, perfect for a celebration brunch.

Warm Apple Cake with Caramel Sauce and Toasted Walnuts - a moist apple cake covered in toasted walnuts and the absolute best caramel sauce ever. An amazing comfort food dessert to end a fall diner or even a weekend brunch.

Easy Tomato Parmesan Tart - perfect for a celebration lunch with a gluten free option for the pastry too. It would also make a simple light appetizer course for your next dinner party.

VIDEO RECIPE! Today's cooking video is actually 3 recipes; buttermilk biscuits, easy homemade chorizo sausage and quick tomato compote. They all come together in one of my new fave brunch meals. Take a look at how we put them all together.

Sunken Grape Almond Cake - a rich, buttery almond cake flavored with lemon zest and sweet, tart pops of fresh seasonal grapes baked right in. Perfect for a weekend dinner dessert or a memorable brunch with friends.