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My Style II

The things I like. Stuff I would wear or own. This will also include those things that I find interesting, artistic, cutting edge, useful or just cool. Special interest will be paid to those products that are affordable, environmentally friendly, or are innovative.


phigvel - fatigue shirt jacket khaki

KarasKustoms Bolt Brass Pen Bellroy Hide and Seek Java Benchmade Griptillian Tanto EDC2.0 Kit Weekender with custom strap Maratac Stainless Steel AA Flashlight [[MORE]] Online Marketer, San Francisco

Live Small, Think Small, Build Small

  • ಌBeckyಌ

    Love this!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Chris Sanchez

    I am a big believer in downsizing. We do not need that much room to live. This way you only buy those things you really like,and you are not locked in to a 30 yr mortgage. Little to heat and cool ... even less with solar tiles. This will make banks go crazy.

  • Barbara Esteban

    I agree, you nailed it Chris!

Pre fab guest house cottages 400 sq ft $8000

Daybed from the apartment of George Gershwin, 1928

ajusco 1930's machinist lamp

Concealed Agent 2nd Gen Stinger - Dagger w/ Shoulder Sheath BLK

Marlin 1985 GS The Marlin 1985GS is a lever-action .45/70 carbine that can take on any kind of game and any kind of weather. This stainless steel 4 shot has an 18½-inch barrel with an overall length of just 37 inches. It weighs 7 pounds, and the average retail price is about $660. This is big game-dropping power in a short, weatherproof gun; and it’s got “survival in bear country” written all over it.

Benelli Nova Pump Tactical This well-made tactical shotgun can handle everything from light 2¾-inch load to 3½-inch magnum loads. My only beef: It only holds 5 shells. The model with the 18½-inch barrel weighs 7.2 pounds. This gun ranges from $400 to $600, depending on which model you choose.

RIFLES Bushmaster AR-15 Active military, former military and civilians alike love this widely available version of the M-4. The Bushmaster AR-15 rifle shoots both 5.56mm and .223-caliber rounds. The price starts at $1,200 and goes on up, if you can find them. Thanks to a number of aluminum and synthetic parts, its empty weight is just 7.56 pounds. If the 30-round magazine doesn’t get the job done, you’ve got bigger problems than a single rifle can handle.