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148 Romantic Date Night Ideas for Married Couples 148 date night ideas! Love them!

What a great party idea and a party favor doesn't get much better than their own artwork on canvas!

Best bachelorette party ever! Everybody finds the most hideous bridesmaid dress at thrift stores and goes paintballing. HAHA!

The lanterns are made by overlapping lace doilies on an inflated balloon and brushing fabric stiffener (or wallpaper glue, or even white glue) onto the doilies. Be sure to cover it completely so that the whole thing hardens and you aren’t left with limp spots. Let the doilies dry overnight to ensure that they are completely dry. The last step is to pop the balloon and pull it out of the opening. The lanterns can be hung with a ribbon or fishing line draped with strands of beads, as was done in o

Sterling party

backdrop? -- small mirror tiles glued to fishing line with fairy lights behind.

pumpkin centerpieces with flowers


The DIY Doily Lamp, from Isabelle and Jenny's blog,

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Thats a cute idea... For "Late Night Diapers", the shower guests were each given a few diapers and some Sharpies and were asked to write a message to the new mom on the front and/or back of the diapers. These diapers are to be reserved for late night changings by mom so the point is to write something funny or encouraging to give her a little pick-me-up in the wee hours of the night!

gift: manicure in a jar

Crafts stalker: Felt Heart Valentines Garland