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Plaster crafts

107 Pins

Plaster crafts

  • 107 Pins

Annie Montgomerie Cover existing figures with goofy muslin to create a form.

Very successful art lesson using plaster of paris, dixie cups, pipe cleaners, beads, and paint. Can talk about line, sculpture vs. painting and drawing, overlapping, and Alexander Calder's sculptures. I have my students use beads to form patterns on these sculptures as well. They turn out amazing!

Art Project Girl: We're a Work in Progress.

Plaster Sculpture & Drawing

Artwork published by Jade1034

Kids love to gather sticks. This would be great inspiration to create a figure out of sticks, add an element of clay and portraiture for the head, then coat the body with encaustic medium. Contemporary, cool and many layers of learning. artist christine bourdette

christine bourdette at the art gym | minimal exposition

Making molds from fresh flowers

Love this idea! Make a mold with sand and then use plaster to make a picture! Great idea for the kids!

Kids Crafts- Plaster Casting with Sand

Hand prints made from plaster of paris. So cute! This easy craft will hold memories for years to come. Works perfectly any place you have sand, even the back yard.

DIY // plaster bowls made out of old tennis balls

DIY Plaster Bowl from a Tennis Ball - Momtastic

Powder Plaster Candle Votives

Make yellow ribbon trees! For these, we used soup cans, plaster of paris, and tree branches. Kids decorated paper strips to wrap around their soup can base and added yellow ribbons with messages on them. These kids really enjoyed taking home their very own trees! #FRG

bubble-wrap-plaster-texture-snakeskin....this is soooo cool! I can't believe she used bubble wrap!

clay bug monsters but will use papier mache or plaster gauze. Wrap wire with twisteez wire

Ideas para Reciclar Tubos de Carton, Accesorios Ecoresponsables

I'd have to wrap live models in plaster-soaked cloth. Any volunteers?

Wrap plaster-cloth strips (from a crafts store) around a balloon, following the directions on the plaster-cloth package. Leave open spaces as you wrap. When dry, remove the balloon and use a crafts knife to cut an opening for inserting the light. Place sphere over an orange or white battery-operated votive. Set your spheres on clear glass cake stands or similar displays.

50 Easy Fall Decorating Projects

My 'Mod-rock' Sunflowers. These were made from layers of paper wrapped with wet plaster caste bandages and then painted with poster paints, yet to varnished and have stems attached to them!

Flag on the Moon! Mix plaster of Paris and water, then pour over bubble wrap. Once near dry, peel bubble wrap off and stick in toothpick. Design your own flag to glue on! So neat!

HACKED :: Sasso vase | Japan based 224 Porcelain :: How about plaster of paris or paper mache painted white? Just partially blow up a balloon to the size of a small ball, wrap it in strips of paper or plaster, let it dry, pop the balloon & paint white! Here's a tutorial on the paper mache method: www.lifespelledje... | #hack #vases


9 year old, creating a foot cast from plaster fabric wrap.

I've gotta HAND it to him...

Assortment of plaster hand and foot casts made with plaster fabric wrap by 9 year old.

Everybody needs a hand once in a while...

houses - milk/juice cartons wrap with plaster gauze

Hand painted - plaster wrap handmade rosette necklace for little girls...

Cardboard tube cats Isn't it unbelievable that these gorgeous cats are made using cardboard tubes?

wire armature, wrap with newspaper, tape, then plaster wrap! Miro-inspired

Kunst im Schulhaus Rosenau: Gipsfiguren frei nach Miro

Art of Apex High School: art one A good idea to use all of that plaster wrap I have...

Art of Apex High School: art one