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Personal Identity Radial Designs

Personal Identity Radial Designs

Collaborative Digital Radial Design by Tricia Fuglestad. Each student contributed a line or shape to our radial design. (For secondary - I would do with yr 7 in small groups - reinforcing art elements and looking at mandalas around the globe)

Artsonia Art Exhibit :: Radial Designs in Photobooth

More 4th Gr. Radial Designs with Metallic Watercolor Crackle

Radial balance is seen here in a perfectly round cobblestone patio in a quiet shade garden. Think about how ordinary this space would appear with a traditional flagstone patio or a concrete slab. Using the radial design both energizes and enlivens the garden.

Styrofoam radial print: on 4 x 4" styrofoam square, draw organic & geometric shapes on a diagonal. Print onto watercolor paper painted with concentric analogous circles, rotating the square so the center point stays the same. Use radial design and cathedral rose windows as exemplars.

Artsonia Art Exhibit :: MS Radial Designs

Nautical compass rose= radial design

Nervous System merges art, science and technology to create beautiful jigsaw puzzle patterns. Radial designs based on crystal growth create interlocking patterns in hallucinatory colors.

4th grade students traced leaves in a radial design pattern, added crayon in the background, and created a "changing leaf" effect with watercolor using 3 colors on each side of every leaf.

Artwork published by ADDIE201