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365 Days of SeaWorld Rescue

After a successful surgery and two weeks in SeaWorld’s care, this elegant crane was returned to its Florida home. #365DaysOfRescue

Meet Paradise! She’s a gorgeous olive ridley sea turtle that was rehabilitated at SeaWorld San Diego and returned to the wild. #365DaysOfRescue

You’re smiling, aren’t you? So are we, because the SeaWorld Rescue Team gave this adorable young sea lion pup a second chance at life! #365DaysOfRescue

Have you ever seen a manatee wearing a wetsuit? The SeaWorld team was creative in helping this young gal keep her buoyancy while being treated for cold stress. #365DaysOfRescue

WATCH what it’s like to be a part of the SeaWorld Rescue Team when they return sea turtles to the wild! #365DaysOfRescue

Sometimes it takes two to bottle-feed manatee orphans. #365DaysOfRescue

Instant reaction= Aww! SeaWorld delivered this cutie to the Loggerhead Marinelife Center to be returned to the wild with other hatchlings! #365DaysOfRescue

This Risso’s dolphin was brought to SeaWorld for care after being found stranded on a Florida beach. #365DaysOfRescue

Cold winters are tough on manatees. Here, SeaWorld rescuers tube-feed antibiotics to one that had developed sores from cold stress. #365DaysOfRescue

And away we go! This pelican was one of seven returned to the wild after they were brought to SeaWorld all the way from Arizona! #365DaysOfRescue

Please watch your wake! SeaWorld’s rescue team performed a thorough medical check on this precious gal after a probable boat strike. #365DaysOfRescue

This little turtle had some help from a concerned citizen in its time of need and after rehabilitation at SeaWorld, was returned to the ocean! #365DaysOfRescue

Need a reason to smile? Look! An adorable manatee calf being bottle fed by a caring SeaWorld Rescue Team member. #TBT #365DaysOfRescue

Discarded fishing gear = bad news for dolphins. Seymour here was found with fishing line wrapped around his tail. SeaWorld’s rescue team freed him from the mess and returned him the same day! #365DaysOfRescue

Another successful return! This pretty lady was on her way after a short rehab at the SeaWorld. #365DaysOfRescue

A rescuer lends a helping hand to one of our tiniest patients – an endangered baby green sea turtle. #365DaysOfRescue

Here, a SeaWorld veterinarian is listening to this young manatee’s breathing after she was brought in for signs of cold stress. #365DaysOfRescue

A concerned citizen found this injured crane and notified authorities. It was then brought to SeaWorld for medical care and rehabilitation. #365DaysOfRescue

Hey, meet Bruce! He’s a 250 pound green sea turtle that was brought to SeaWorld for life-saving medical treatments. #365DaysOfRescue

“Big Mama” gets returned to the wild after SeaWorld helped her recover from a cold stun event! #365DaysOfRescue

These sea lion pups were excited to return to the ocean after their rehabilitation at SeaWorld! #365DaysOfRescue

What a happy flock of pelicans! They are spreading their wings after being rehabilitated by the SeaWorld Oiled Wildlife Care Center! #365DaysOfRescue

This gentle giant, a sub-adult female manatee, received round-the-clock care from the SeaWorld Rescue Team. #365DaysOfRescue