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Fall Date Night Bucket List - some great ideas to do together!

Life With Amberly & Joe: Fall Date Night Bucket List

75 Little Ways to Keep The Spark

The Freckled Fox : 75 Little Ways to Keep the Spark

Marriage isn't for you . . . I loved this piece!

Marriage isn't for you
  • Danielle Donovan

    Quick read with great advice (from a guy!!)

  • Danielle Donovan

    marriage is about submitting...when you love someone you freely give of yourself. In a society that is swamped with selfishness the article was refreshing to read someone's expression of love. One year, seventeen years, or 50 years...we can all offer each other support and kind words of encouragement. This article in no was suggested or touched on abusive relationships... leave those to counselors. This article was simply written by a young man expressing his take on love & marriage.

10 cheap date ideas

Keep the honeymoon going by sending love notes to your spouse

Keep the honeymoon going by sending love notes to your spouse

Tired of being the ONLY one planning your date nights? Read this great advice for getting your man involved! www.TheDatingDiva... #marriage #datenight #romance

How to get your hubby on board! | The Dating Divas
  • Deborah Boyd

    Anna, while I am happy for you and your situation, that comment came off as very insensitive and snotty. Not every couple is like your own marriage, and not every couple that ISN'T like yours is necessarily "doing it wrong." My husband never had a parent or mentor in his life show him HOW to plan anything or even handle time management. It's a learning process and as his friend I like articles such as these so that I can incorporate some tips into our life and help him without nagging or being condescending.

  • D Hamill

    People put too much pressure on themselves to schedule a special "date night". You can make anything a date night/date lunch/date drive. What's wrong with just driving around town, a country drive, or strolling through a department store window shopping. It's the together time that counts...not what your doing.

  • Lisa Stanley

    I agree with D Hamill--it's the quality of the time you spend together that counts! We can make a date night out of yard work, if we try! :)

  • Jillian Compton

    we made date night Jars with at home ideas and ideas for getting a babysitter. I am always looking for ideas on things to help strengthen our relationship. I agree its wonderful when its easy but life isn't always easy.