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Great alternative for kids who are scared of tweezers. Hope it works.

Lifehacks from 100 years ago…

8 foods for cleansing your colon naturally

small band of glass tile is a pretty AND cost-effective backsplash for a bathroom.

Learn Herbs As Food And As Medicine

No Flu Tea

Magic Mouthwash Remedy For Sore Throats And Mouth Sores

How to Make Water Kefir, a Probiotic Powerhouse – Photo Tutorial | Nourishing Treasures

Skinny Diva Diet: Health Benefits of Medicinal Teas [infographic]

Skinny Diva Diet: Health Benefits of Medicinal Teas [infographic]

Turmeric --- Turmeric is a great natural liver detoxifier. Studies conducted at The University of Maryland Medical Center suggest that it works as an antioxidant, protecting the liver against damage by free radicals and helps increase the production of bile by the gallbladder. It is often used in the treatment of gallstones and liver disorders by the systems of Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine.

How To Prevent the Flu Naturally using a remedy that's been around for thousands of years!

Handy stuff to know! Now if only I could remember it..

Welcome to Year Zero Survival

Oil Pulling for Natural Dental Health

This is amazing, who knew?!

The Oddest Pain Relief Tricks That Work: Surprising little ways to ease headaches, backaches, and other pains from Prevention Magazine.

"Homemade Vicks Vapor shower disks" - put on shower floor and enjoy enhanced shower steam while congested.-- This could really come in handy one day

Home Remedy for sore throat, hacking cough, tight congestion... Using this in the winter instead of all those mucus relief drugs and decongestants that don't do a thing.