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No one hates Twilight more than Robert Pattinson.

And this is why Thranduil took to wearing pointy crowns.

Ladies and gentlemen matt smith. ruining a thousand takes because he loves to kiss EVERYONE. :3 so great. I VOLUNTEER.

Baby Hawkeye, baby Katniss, and baby Merida being babysat by Legolas.

One of the greatest episodes of "Doctor Who"- Martha makes Harry Potter references throughout the whole episode. FANDOM OVERLOAD!!

[on kissing Emma Watson]

Rupert Grint Photo: Total Film magazine

Aw she's thankful because she has her muggle family and sees how plain muggle school could be and loves her chance at excitement and this incredible knowledge

Disney Girls - Genderbend by juliajm15

Disney Girls - Genderbend by juliajm15 on deviantART

Why do cool things like this never happen to me?

We know the truth...

A royal coincidence…

Anyone else notice that the lines between Avenger and Actor are kinda blurred when it comes to Tony/Robert and now Steve/Chris E?