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Adoptable Dogs - Mostly Havanese

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Paisley in TX - Available for Adoption from Havanese Rescue - August 2014 www.havaneserescu... and

Gus in cone with brother, Gus, in Colorado - after Cherry Eye surgery

deena czech (DeenaCzech) on Twitter

Happy morning faces! Mikey and Gus in colorado - "is today the day we find a fur-ever home"? www.HavaneseRescu... @HavaneseRescue

deena czech (DeenaCzech) on Twitter

Havanese Rescue fosters Mikey & Gus in Colorado are waiting for their Forever Home. www.HavaneseRescu... @HavaneseRescue

deena czech (DeenaCzech) on Twitter

Don't Shop - Adopt!!

Gateway4paws Adoption Application

Mazzie & Cisco - a bonded pair in Delaware are Available for Adoption from HRI - August 2014 - Senior Advantage - www.havaneserescu... &

Mazzie&Cisco in DE

Mr. Noodle in VA is available for Adoption from Havanese Rescue - July 2014 www.havaneserescu... and

Mr. Noodle in VA

Javier in NY - Foster to Adopt Program - Adoption Pending - July 2014 www.havaneserescu... and


Jay in Florida is available for adoption from HRI - June 2014 - www.havaneserescu... and

  • Starr Jow

    She's in South Florida, Suzi. She should be going to her forever home soon. If not, she will be re-listed as available for adoption.

  • Suzi Wiedinger

    If she becomes available - what would her adoption fee be - I am in southFlorida

  • Starr Jow

    I have no way to know the amount of the donation that would be requested, but as a young and healthy Havie, her donation would go into a pool to help pay medical expenses for other dogs in foster care. If you submit an adoption application for her or just for an unnamed future Florida dog, you can then ask your State Contact for details.

  • Starr Jow

    Havanese Rescue is there for a reason. There seems to always be a need for a safe haven for these sweet, little fluffs. Go to the HRI website for more information, the current list of available dogs and the list of dogs in foster care not yet available. The lists change frequently. Thank you for considering adopting a rescue dog!

  • Havanese Rescue

    Jaye has been Adopted!!

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Duke in FL is available for Adoption from Havanese Rescue - www.havaneserescu... and

CoCo in CT is Available for Adoption from Havanese Rescue Inc. - May 2014

CoCo (KoeKoe) in CT

Gigi in Illinois is Available for Adoption - May 2014 www.havaneserescu...

Georgie in NorCal - Adoption Pending!! and www.havaneserescu...

  • Ter'e Crow Lindsay

    Starr........I love your Havanese board. Aren't they just the beat dogs????? My Charley guards me wherever I go. BTW, check out my Pinterest board "Holly's Garden". Susan Cuervo is my sister.

  • Havanese Rescue

    I will, thanks! and, by the way, Georgie has been adopted!

  • Ter'e Crow Lindsay

    I saw that. I can lust tho. Charley has a sister.......a little shih tzu named Blu. Blu has one blue eye.

  • Havanese Rescue

    Aww, I'll bet she is adorable with her blue eye. Thank you for all of your rescue work with Holly's Garden. For those reading this post, please go to to see the cuties waiting for their forever homes.

  • Starr Jow