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Raygun-age Science Fiction (yes: classics!)

Science fiction and fantasy with a side-order of horror from the classic age of pulps (and maybe a bit of the 1970s - but not the Disco bit). This is for vintage scifi art. Modern art by current artists is posted on my other board: "Scifi art that would look good on a Stephen Hunt novel."

docsavage_23_bama.jpg (973×1600)

docsavage_24_bama.jpg (968×1600)

docsavage_25_bama.jpg (959×1600)

docsavage_26_bama.jpg (940×1600)

docsavage_27b_bama.jpg (981×1600)

docsavage_29b_bama.jpg (963×1600)

docsavage_31_bama.jpg (967×1600)

docsavage_32_bama.jpg (958×1600)

docsavage_33_bama.jpg (958×1600)

docsavage_35b_bama.jpg (984×1600)

docsavage_36_bama.jpg (966×1600)

docsavage_37_bama.jpg (978×1600)

docsavage_39_bama.jpg (959×1600)