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The more I learn about psychology the more I understand myself, others, and society as a whole.

People are a biggy. Not too many. And lots of time none. Then. Everything should cover all the rest. Just breathing pretty much.

My anxiety's been up lately; and I've had jelly legs. But I never put the two together.

I hate to put my needs ahead of others, even when I feel like crap and don't know if I can get out of bed.. This quote is a good reminder.

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Depression is like a brain. Everyone thinks they have it, not everyone does....People treat depression like a freaking joke, I mean honestly, you are not going to run into anyone now who denies being depressed....It's treated like this..."Oh, I am depressed too!" "Oh hey, me too!" "Me three!"...depression is not a freaking perk...its not cute, it's serious, it's not something you add to your personality in order to seem more interesting..

The biggest communication problem is that we listen to reply

Weighing The Facts: SED: Selective Eating Disorder Revisited (Great article for people unfamiliar about SED)

Weighing The Facts: SED: Selective Eating Disorder Revisited

Of course, you must realize that most people do not want to hear the truth.

Sad, but that's me. And add the fear of making mistake

Que es una ilusión Optica ? Sorprendente