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Dollhouse Furniture & Accessories

Vintage dollhouse furniture came in a variety of materials: Porcelain, wood, plastic, and metal. Here's just a sampling of what's available at!

Vintage Acme Stroller

Miniature French Desk. 18th/19th Century.

Vintage Dollhouse Wooden Dresser

Heavy Cast Metal Ornate Dollhouse Chair

Cast Resin Wingback Dollhouse Chair

Kilgore, Cast Iron, Dollhouse Furniture, Old Ivory, Dresser / Bureau

Vintage Dollhouse Dining Room Chairs Set of 4

Vintage Dollhouse Dinning Room Chairs Set of 2

Folk Art Kitchen Cabinet Miniature Wood Medium Doll Size

Folk Art Wash Stand Miniature Wood Large Doll Size

Folk Art Bakers Cabinet Miniature Wood Medium Doll Size

Vintage Wood Dollhouse Chair

Vintage Dollhouse Wooden Washstand Pitcher & Basin

Vintage Shackman Dollhouse Upholstered High Back Chair