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Vintage Pinup

One of the most popular early pin-up girls was Betty Grable, whose poster was ubiquitous in the lockers of G.I.s during World War II. Other pin-ups were artwork. An early example was the Gibson girl, drawn by Charles Dana Gibson. The genre also gave rise to several well-known artists specializing in the field, including Earle K. Bergey, Enoch Bolles, Alberto Vargas, Gil Elvgren, George Petty, and numerous notable artists, such as Rolf Armstrong and Art Frahm. see more at

Withers Pin Up Huntress, Wolves Calendar Page May 1958

Fritz Willis Pin Up Calendar Page June, 1965

Bill Layne Pin Up Calendar, 1952 Fishing

K. O. Munson Pinup Blotter, Skiing

K. O. Munson Pinup Blotter, Beach Ball

K. O. Munson Pinup Blotter with Piggy Bank

K. O. Munson Pinup Blotter, Figure Skater

K. O. Munson Pinup Blotter on Swing.

K. O. Munson, Pinup Wearing Mask, Blotter

Vintage Tin Litho Gil Elvgren Pin-up Advertising Ashtray

WW II Pinup Soldier Mutoscope Card,

ZoeMozert Pinup Mutoscope Card, Newspaper

Zoe Mozert Mutoscope Pinup Card, Swim, Dive

Zoe Mozert Mutoscope Pinup on Roller Skates

Elvgren Fireman Pin Up Blotter, February 1958

Elvgren Pin Up Blotter, Hoop Skirt, November 1957

Elvgren Pin Up Blotter, July 1959

Elvgren Pin Up Calendar Blotter, July 1957

Brown & Bigelow Pin Up Blotter, National Thread, OH

Elvgren Pin Up Blotter, Parrot, National Thread

Elvgren Pin Up Blotter, National Thread Die Co.

Elvgren Pin Up Blotter, National Rolled Thread

Elvgren Cowgirl Pin Up Blotter, National Thread

Fritz Willis Pin Up Note Pad, Skier

Elvgren Pin Up Blotter, Traveler