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Wow what a horse!! So beautiful. :)

Senior cats are the last to be adopted at Shelters. They are often much-loved animals who have been surrendered because of death or economic difficulty. They are alone and scared and would like nothing more than to love and be loved again. Please adopt!

Anyone remember this guy? Gem Twist - legendary show jumper. He was actually cloned, and the clone Gem Twist is to be used for breeding. Things that make you go hmmmm.....

The Bashkir horse is thought to have originated in the Bashkir region of Russia, developing spontaneously over time rather than purposefully bred. This breed is most popular for its curly coat, a vast difference from the smooth, sleek coat found on most other types of horse. Though the exact origin of the Bashkir cannot be determined, records of a curly-haired horse date back to the 1800s. Curlies have a strong work ethic.

Happy birthday ELLIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why do you talk to me in that high squeaky voice?

A compact, yet muscular breed, the Morgan horse generally stands between 14.1 and 15.2 hands high. Best known for their athleticism, beauty and versatility, Morgans are great as pleasure or performance horses.