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31 Instant Swaps to Healthify Any Recipe | Empowered Sustenance

BAKING TRICK ~ When you need softened butter - grate the butter while it is still hard, then mix with other ingredients as normal. It will soften quickly and perfectly and give an even dispersal of butter throughout the dough.

"Bug Off" in a Mason Jar! Essential oil, herbs and citrus

When cooling cake layers, place bread slices on top to keep the cake layers soft and moist while the bread becomes hard as a rock -- What a fun fact!!! it keeps it from cracking in the middle too! Must keep this in mind.

Vegetable Freezing Guide. How to prepare, blanch and freeze veggies before they go bad!

How to frost a cupcake: ruffle flower pile-up method

\\\ how to package cupcakes { use a clear plastic cup} \\\