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Chihuahua Tattoos

Hipster chihuahuas and rabbits wearing monocles are just some of the quirky subjects inked by tattooist Anya Gladun. Bold linework and a taste for whimsy unify her body of work. A professional tattoo artist since 2008, Anya currently works at The Body Gallery in Sterling, Virginia.

Original Day of The Dead Chihuahua Painting Sugar Skull Tattoo Folk Art | eBay

chihuahua sugar skull tattoo is taking my love of sugar skulls too far lol

Here is a tattoo of the clients dog dressed in victorian clothes, the clients dog is actually a service dog that was prescribed to her to cope with anxiety. Chihuahua Tattoo. NY ink

Pin Chihuahua Tattoos Dog Free Download Tattoo 37899 Small On

chihuahua tattoo by Josh Woods