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Favorite Books

These are the books I could read again and again.

Castle Leod, the inspiration for Castle Leoch in the Outlander series. Photo by Cailiosa, via Flickr -

The Glass Castle is a memoir recalling Jeannette Walls' transient youth and her bohemian parents. Together her family traipsed across the Southwest, settling temporarily in desert towns and mountain campsites. But when the money ran out and the romance of the wandering life faded, the family settled into a sedentary life in West Virginia, which was soon darkened by alcoholism and dysfunction. Walls eventually left this life, but she looks back on it with honesty and compassion.

Favorite. Book. Ever.

  • Vale Cervarich

    Me too! Is there anything else like this? A real love story/romance

  • Sue Salisbury

    I heart Jamie...

  • Jill Porter

    The Camoldun Seires by Jack Whyte. It is about the story of how Camelot came to be from generations before. It is a wonderful series. No time travel but romance, adventure, great characters. The Falco Series by Lindsey Davis is also one of my favorites.

Banned Book list and information on Banned Book week.

  • Jill Porter

    There used to be a bookstore in Ohio that sold both new and used books. They always put a bookmark in each book and it always had something to do with banned books. I have read every book on this poster! I love banned books.