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Quotes & Sayings Regarding Autism

A HUGE thank you to my "sister" Melissa for your valuable contributions to this board. Cheers to you!


  • Patricia Bailey

    I would like to get permission to add this to a book I am writing. Do you know who to ask? Thanks

  • Melissa Miller

    Hi Patricia. I really did try to track this back to the original source - to no avail. I found many pins and repins. That being said, I am not tech savvy. It's not always true about Aspies. I guess you could start by asking the pinner I repinned this from? Best of luck, and bests to you

Special needs dads

Ten Common Mistakes Parents Make During and before the IEP Meeting - Get everything in writing (prior notification, declined requests). Also, do not accept or authorize any action that has been taken/ decided upon without your prior written consent.

Autism moms ♥

Autism is a spectrum disorder. Each and every individual on the spectrum is different, even from the same home.

Building independence in your child with autism starts today. Or sooner.

A surefire way to get a child with autism (or any child really) to quit trying.

Another lovely quote from Stuart Duncan

Some of the most wonderful people are the ones who don't fit into boxes ~Tori Amos

Autism may make my child HOW he is but it does not make him WHO he is." by Stuart Duncan

Autism is the difference that the world needed, took too long to recognize, is in the process of understanding and has yet to accept.” Stuart Duncan