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Candy Crush Saga - The 20 Hardest Game Levels

The most difficult Candy Crush Saga levels in the game! #candycrushsaga #candycrush #games

Don't fudge up your strategy on Candy Crush Level 361 in Fudge Islands, or you'll just end up starting again! An honorary mention in the Top 20 Hardest Candy Crush Saga levels #candycrushsaga #candycrush #games

Two rows of five layer meringues with double jelly underneath make Candy Crush Saga level 311 a difficult one to play through. #candycrushsaga #candycrush #games

Candy Crush Saga level 147 is only within a few levels of the last very difficult level, yet it's another 'Top 5 Most Difficult' levels... the strategy you need to use isn't what you'd think to get through this one. #candycrushsaga #candycrush #games