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Alien Photos

The internet's single largest collection of alien pictures and video stills that have been presented as real photographs and film footage of extraterrestrials. While the vast majority of these images are understood to be deliberate fakes or innocent misidentifications, the possibility that just one of them could be genuine is tantalizing.

197 Pins

Alien Photos

  • 197 Pins

2013, Schertz, Texas, USA.

2012. Illinois resident photographs alien at CSICon.

'THE J-ROD'? "The photograph is genuine, and is a direct scan of the original print, which has degraded in it's time since being taken in the early 80s."

Claim: "A group of young hikers insist they have photographed an extraterrestrial creature in a dense forest near Plovdiv, Bulgaria. The group were hiking in Yundola, a large meadow between the mountains of Rila and Rhodoppe, when they came across the mysterious visitor. One of the hikers managed to snap a picture of the creature before it vanished, an grey Alien perhaps?" (2013) << Clear hoax.

Alien Grey Spotted By Hikers In Forest ?, page 1

UFO Sighting Alien Abduction Caught on Tape Doomsday NEW UFO Video 2013 - Horror

2013 Binzhou Shangdong province, China. "Police say crude 'extraterrestrial' was made of high quality rubber."


Mermaid, Alien, Captured By Diving Vessel Camera? 2013 HD - YouTube

1993 El Yunque National Forest, Puerto Rico by Nelson Berríos. (Flying Saucer Review)

UFO magazines, UFOS -Flying Saucer Review

2007 Kumburgaz, Turkey by Yalcin Yalmin.

Obama Alien Bodyguard?

May 2013, Melborne, Florida.

Dr. Steven Greer and the Atacama Humanoid of the Sirius Disclosure Project #aliens #ufos #ufo #paranormal #huhuhuhuhu

The Atacama humanoid's face.

Analysis of the Atacama humanoid alien -

Chile 2013. --- "The Sirius documentary was finally released and the question as to whether the Atacama humanoid is an extraterrestrial has been resolved, at least according to the scientist who analyzed the DNA, and the results are that he is human. However, the mystery doesn’t end there. Although, it is not an extraterrestrial, their findings show it may have been a 6-inch Chilean human that survived for 6 to 8 years..."

Nov. 2012 in a material gas plant near Kenedy, Texas.

Phantoms and Monsters: Pulse of the Paranormal

Nov. 2012 in a material gas plant near Kenedy, Texas.

Gray Alien Photo The author of UFO Hunting Clouds writes, "These images were sent to me by a viewer and I have to say they are quite amazing. The first three images are of UFO sightings and the fourth photo is an Alien photographed"

"In 1987 A Mexican officer received the following footage from a secret military base located in the United States..."

2012 Taiwan.

Was Alien Creature Captured on Photo by Taiwan Policeman?

2011. "New Alien Beings Reported at Ilkley Moor, West Yorkshire"

Phantoms and Monsters: Pulse of the Paranormal

"Alien Creature Discovered In Namibia, Africa Aug 2012" "Locals came across this strange creature while they were escorting a shooting party in Namibia. Witness's state that the creature was spotted apparently foraging for food, one of the shooting party wounded it with his rifle and it escaped into the thick brush. The locals tracked it to a nearby lair or nest where they found three more creatures of similar size. The wounded creature attacked one of the shooting party and it was shot dead..."

"UFO Dead Alien Body In Hongkong - Incredible!"

2012 Australia.

Reader Submits Alleged Alien Photograph Taken in Australia