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So very True! If it is really good - I can't start a new one right away...i have to digest what I read & mourn the end of it. Then prepare for my next adventure.

mc-random-26 : theBERRY agree. "And when people ask...what is your fav book? Here is my answer. What avid reader has just ONE fav book? Seriously. "

Harvard University - Houghton Library - Via Tumbler. Title page with vampyric punctuation, the semicolon evoking a bite-mark with a drop of blood. Polidori, John William, 1795-1821. The vampyre...

Toooo....Cool. Harvard University - Houghton Library - Butterfly Plate. tumblr_mzkdweI0GG1s83h8do1_1280.jpg (1280×987)

Lately, this is NOT happening a lot......need better book choices

I read either types - prefer a real book but the convenience & ease of my Kindle is hard to beat. one con for me is the fact, i don't have the book on my shelf if it was a REALLY good e-book & I can't share them as easily.

Sigh...... so true.....i have piles of books on my Kindle, beside the bed & on several bookshelves - yet, i am always picking up more.