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Woolzies Wool Dryer Ball, set of 6 ,Re-Usable Natural Fabric Softener

Mastrad A64501 Top Chips Maker, Set of 2 (Both Trays Interlock Allowing You To Make Twice As Much Healthy Potato Chips or Apple Chips At Once)

2012 Ford Focus Electric Car (No Gas or Oil Required) 110 mpge Most fuel efficient 5 passenger car

GoPed Battery Powered Light Weight Scooter for Adults

New 2012 RoTrike crossover wheelchair (Wheelchair on Steroids)

Fountain Jet home soda makers turn water into sparkling water and soda in seconds with a Sodastream Fountain Jet home soda maker. Stop making trips to the store for expensive Seltzer/Soda Water, wasting plastic bottles, and spending more money and get this product to enjoy refreshing, healthy, Carbonated Water with your own flavoring such as citrus, mint leaves and Splenda or Stevia. $79.99

Never Tie Your Shoes Again with Shoelaces, thanks to LOCK LACES which come in many colors. LOCK LACES™, patented elastic lacing system, benefits runners and triathletes. LOCK LACES™ easy to use bungee-style cord provides stretch-fit comfort and locked-in safety. Improve your transition times and the performance of your shoes with LOCK LACES™. Learn more $7.99