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Bhumisparsha - the mudra of earth witness. Bhumisparsa is the mudra of witness (earth-touching). The right arm is pendant over the right knee. The hand with the palm turned inward and all the fingers extended downward with the finger touching the lotus throne. The left hand lies on the lap with palm upward. This gesture 'of touching the earth' or 'calling the earth to witness' commemorating Gautam Buddha's victory over temptation by the demon Mara.

Avatamsaka/Huayan Hall: statue of Vairocana(毗卢遮那佛(大日如来)) making Uttarabodhi Mudra Picasa Web Albums - Cairong

Picasa Web Albums - Cairong

Karana Mudra (Gesture of Banishing) This is the gesture of banishing, also called 'the gesture of warding off the Evil'. In this gesture, the palm is stretched out with the palm turned outwards. The two middle fingers are pressed by the thumb. This representation of hands looks like the two horns of a Yak posed against an enemy.

Namaskara Mudra (Gesture of Praying) This is a common gesture used in India. This gesture is used while praying. In this gesture, the palms and fingers are joined to show a devotional attitude. This gesture shows humbleness. However, it can also show gratefulness.

Dharmachakra is a symbol in Buddhism. It is called 'the wheel of law'. On the Dharmachakra, there are eight spokes which represent the eightfold path of Buddhism which consists of the right view, right intention, right speech, right action, right livelihood, right effort, right mindfulness and right concentration. There are many variations of this mudra. But, this gesture is mostly represented with the hands held level at the heart using the thumbs and index fingers.

bhumisparsa-- Gesture of witness

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Vajrapradama - the mudra of unshakable confidence.

Vajra - the mudra of knowledge.

Alapadma - the mudra of the full-bloomed lotus.

Dance like the gods of dance are watching

Dharmachakra - the mudra of the turning wheel of dharma.

White Tara, Goddess of Compassion, the Divine Mother detail - 4 of her 7 eyes (3 in her head, 2 in the palms of her hands, and 2 in the soles of her feet), White Tara / Weiße Tara Dharmapala Thangka Centre, Tibetan Buddhist School of Thangka Painting

the Eye in Hand / el Ojo en la Mano