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Antique Book selections from the Vintage Books Team on Etsy. Book selections are 100-plus years of age... To view more of our Vintage/Antique Books & Paper Ephemera go to

Hemlands Toner - VINTAGE SWEDISH AMERICAN Songbook Ring I Himlens klockor , Det Finns Ett Land

Vintage Jane Austen. Emma. George Routledge & Sons by TwigAndPaper, $36.88

The Land of FootprintsThe Works of Stewart Edward by LilliaMeadow, $7.00

ON SALE 1881 Two Years Ago By Charles Kingsley Vol I by RareBooks, $9.99

ON SALE Rudyard Kipling's Works Sahib Edition India by RareBooks, $42.50

Antique Book Longfellows Evangeline by PriorMemories on Etsy, $32.50

Antique Book Rutledge by PriorMemories on Etsy, $25.00

Antique Book The Unloved Wife by Mrs. Southworth by PriorMemories, $55.00

1800s Set of 10 Antique Ralph Waldo Emerson by SellItAgainBooks, $75.00

1893 The Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas by SellItAgainBooks, $50.00

Antique His Sombre Rivals Hardcover Book 1883 by by LuvStephenKing, $11.99

Rare Arlington Edition Dombey and Son by Charles by HallsEmporium, $9.00

Grace Truman A Novel from 1886 First Edition by HallsEmporium, $15.00

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