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Healthy packed lunch ideas

20 ideas for wraps. I'd much rather take a wrap for lunch than a sandwich.

100 calorie snack pack ideas. Love this idea, it shows how much you get to eat with different food choices for 100 calories, you could have two twizzlers or a couple little cheese chunks or a TON of fruit/grain/veggies. .

Easy, healthy homemade fruit snacks! (and no impossible-to-pronounce chemicals necessary!) :) - I will be making these!

Sandwich on a Stick by familyfun: So much more fun than an ordinary sandwich. #Kids #Sandwich #familyfun

Enough healthy and kid-friendly snacks for an entire month.

Lunch ideas. Laura, Chief Mom of Momables, packs lunches on Sunday for the whole week. There are 173 pictures of 173 "Momable" lunch ideas.

Monkey Milk in Mason Jars by bigredkitchen: Dark chocolate milk up top and banana milk on the bottom. Perfect for lunchboxes, these defrost in the lunch box in 4 hours but are still very cold and slushy. Give it a good shake, remove lid, and enjoy. For more fun, pack a straw too! #Monkey_Milk #Banana #Chocolate #Mason_Jar #Kids #bigredkitchen

School day grab and go--PB oat breakfast cookies. High protein, no flour or processed sugar..(Ingredients: bananas, peanut butter, applesauce, vanilla, quick oatmeal, nuts, optional chocolate chips)