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Wow now that's what I call kick ass attitude towards jealous people.

Jealousy is a good i (Fashion Chalet)

"I never dreamed about success. I worked for it." — Estee Lauder #quote #success #hardwork

Haha..well said..

Get rid of the Ifs and Ands and I can'ts and there will be no more Jiggly Butts! GO!

good advice

time will pass anyways


For those who don't know, Pheidippides was a hero of Ancient Greece, and is the central figure in a story that was the inspiration for a modern sporting event, the marathon.

saw this on another marathoner's t-shirt once while waiting in the starting corrals... i think i laughed for 5 min straight..

A Polish proverb that is another way of saying not my problem. I like this.

Yep exactly how I feel!!!!!!!

Meanwhile, in an alternate Universe...