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Huge "water bed" giant sensory bag. Best outside activity ever! A whole day of fun for under $10 ! This was a HUGE hit. This looks fun!

Paying off the mortgage (or student loan) early! I already knew these ideas, but seeing it applied to real numbers is very eye opening!

Dandelion Puffs: These wishes just wait on a shelf or kitchen counter until a sad child needs some love and encouragement. Then, it is off with the cap, eyes squinched closed for a wish, and a big huff. This cheers children any time they're sad–and it makes me happy just to see the dandelion puffs resting in wait. So sweet...

HUNDREDS of playtime activities to stimulate your child's senses and learning. Separated by age, newborn to 5 years.

52 Week Money Challenge Christmas savings...

Great. Cause I really struggle coming up with lunch ideas.

Christmas fun list - things to check off during the month of December...seriously so precious!

Wholesale Walt Disney DVDS. Where has this website been?!

50 ways to entertain a kid on a plane. If you've ever flown with a child you would KILL for this list. lol.

Instead of giving kids an arbitrary allowance, they can pick what tasks they want to do and earn as much money as they choose. Dave Ramsey talks about this...very cool.

30 Day Gratitude Photo Challenge. This would be fun to do with the kiddo all through November...or any time we may need a reminder. :)