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Baby Sprinkle! Shower Party Planning Ideas for Baby 2 or 3

Baby Sprinkle! Shower Party Planning Ideas for Baby 2 or 3

mama monkey teething and twiddling necklace. (You can purchase from this site or you can search for them on ebay. They don't have the exact ones but they are still cute and I am not a brand person anyway. They have tons of different choices and styles. The best way to find them is look up teething necklaces then in the advance search put amber in the excluded box.)

Breastfeeding Diet & How to Avoid Colic in Babies. For more #breastfeeding information visit www.nourishbaby.c...

Breastfeeding Diet | Colic in Babies

Welcome a returning coworker with a #breastfeeding support box! #16minuteclub is launching a subscription program for nursing moms, lead by an IBCLC! #mypumpingspace

16 Minute Club - Subscription Box | Breastfeeding & Support

Ten Steps to Surviving the first three months with a newborn!

Helping your baby to sleep on their own without using the crying method, nursing them to sleep or co-sleeping.... Sure wish I had this a year ago!

baby snuggler - rice filled bag you heat up to help baby sleep. My doula taught me this with Madden, really worked. DO.NOT FORGET for this baby!

A routine for helping baby sleep I am trying this for the twins!

Every month take a picture with baby's age (I used a 8X10 frame, piece of scrapbook paper, and dry erase marker) then write down their favorite things, most hated things, things they learned to do, their sizes, and new places they have been for that month. Great way to document their first year of life!!

Lactation Recipes! Delicious and healthy recipes to boost breastmilk supply. SquashBlossomBabies

foods that promote good breastmilk production!

35 breastmilk home remedies

Breastmilk (yes, breastmilk) pancakes for baby.

freeze home-made baby food in breastmilk storage bags. No freezer burn, takes up minimal space and easy to thaw! Brilliant!!!!

Store breastmilk in a gift bag in the freezer. Oldest milk does at the bottom, newest a the top, cut a slit for dispensing. LOVE IT!

Postpartum Realities - people don't seem to want to hear how the mother of newborn is miserable. Recovery is one thing that most first time moms are not informed about or ready for.

Postpartum Realities

Never would have thought of this--they took all of the text messages they got the day the baby was born and put them into a photo book

Bringing home baby to siblings...Some great tips!!!

Cloth Diapering seems like an easy choice considering it's part of my family business. Awesome.

Wash cloth diapers