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How much hotter is 2012? Yeah, this year is the top line on the graph. The other 117 years are below it.

One-handed thumb typing: I have no idea how this would work in practice, but I like the theory.

Understatement of the year: "While medics are not sure of the extent of the damage to his memory and other parts of the brain, they say his condition could have been much worse."

Whoa. Bee stings human, leaves stinger (and abdominal tissue) behind.

Don Petit is a national treasure, not to mention a personal hero of mine. He's also an amazing photographer.

I have no idea if this is true or not. I want a Snopes debunking. Or the Mythbusters.

I knew birthdays weren't evenly distributed, but I didn't realize it was THIS uneven. (A scale would be nice, though.)

Loving (and foul mouthed, of course) Oatmeal tribute to Nikola Tesla. Go read the whole thing.

xkcd: Every Major's Terrible

I just want a shark with a frickin laser beam atta-- what's that? Oh, thanks.

  • Lauren Weiss

    "...there’s actually useful applications in having a laser attached to the animal." Yeah, like... um... He could poach his fish before he catches it? Or... uh... ?

This brand of pen is best for bystanders who need to perform an emergency airway puncture. Seriously.

I can't imagine why this never caught on. I want one. Or three.